Like Our Beer News? Vote for Us in the @TheMobbies!

Mobbies Bash at Diamondback (Photo: Baltimore Sun)

I just started here. The blog is still not even up to code yet and someone nominated us for an award. The Baltimore Sun’s Best Maryland Blogs Awards are called “Mobbies“, and Baltimore Beer Baron got a nomination for Best Blog and Best Newcomer and the twitter account got a nod for Most Informative. I could argue with the best blog part, but I do think this blog is a fine new addition to the local beer scene. If you could vote for the blog once a day, that’d be great. And that is legal. That’s what the rules say.

I don’t want to be that guy who begs you every day to vote on social media for a social media award, but I also don’t want to be the hipster who ignores the situation that our little blog is now in a contest with some well-heeled competition. I didn’t ask for this, but since I’m in the hunt, let the best (new) blog win.

Vote HERE and thank you for doing that!

And don’t forget to join me at the free party at Diamondback Brewing’s tasting room on December 1st.

–Steve Fogleman


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