Try the Best New Beers @MDBrewers Have to Offer at Baltimore Craft Beer Festival Tomorrow in Canton

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Try the Best New Beers @MDBrewers Have to Offer at Baltimore Craft Beer Festival Tomorrow in Canton
Steve Fogleman, Baltimore Beer Baron

It may as well be the unofficial beginning of Baltimore Craft Beer Month, because tomorrow marks the first full weekend of our drinkiest month: Oktober!

The Brewers Association of Maryland and almost 50 brewery teams will make the slog to Canton’s Waterfront Park and the pours start at High Noon, with general admission imbibers invited at 1:30 p.m. As a Canton resident, it’s such a great feeling to sample beers from all over the state and be able to walk home or grab a $4 Uber. Where was that $4 Uber when I needed it in Frederick last June? Many of the participants own and operate legitimate destination drinking outfits, so this is one day where you can save the planet and leave the driving to them.

First things first: check out the sickening beer list. It’s that good.  Tomorrow, I suggest that you don’t spend too much time nor your valuable blood-alcohol ratio at brewery tents that don’t bring new offerings to the Festival. After all, WE are the beer nerds that made some of these places famous. While some of the brewers are busy trying to break into far-flung markets, most of them still remember where they got started and who helped them become famous. So, Heavy Seas, what gives? You’re Partner Shipping all over the place, and you can’t bring something special for your old Charm City quaffers? We love you, but we also love to try new beers.

According to my personal beer hero, Jason Black, Baltimore County Brewing and Brewery Fire will each offer five selections that aren’t even on Untappd yet. Add in the hard-to-finds from Attaboy, Checkerspot, Antietam, Hysteria, Waverly, DuClaw, Greenspring, Falling Branch and many others and you won’t have to drink anything tomorrow that you’ve ever tasted before.

It comes but once a year, Canton. It’s like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Beer Week distilled and compressed into five hours. A few tickets are still available, so come be a part of it.

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